There is no substitute for experience. The founders of this firm alone combine more than forty years experience as federal prosecutors and federal law clerks. One or more of us has served in each of the following positions: Assistant United States Attorney (federal prosecutor), trial attorney in the Fraud Section in Main Justice, trial attorney with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and special prosecutor with the Office of the Independent Counsel.  We served as the “line” prosecutors in a range of significant investigations, trials, and appeals that received national and international media attention.  Some of our cases are now the subject of books, documentaries, and feature films.     

Today, we draw upon our experience as federal prosecutors in successfully defending clients in criminal investigations and prosecutions.  We pride ourselves on being lawyers who can effectively negotiate resolutions with the government but who can also effectively oppose the government when it goes too far or seeks too much.  We count as some of our greatest successes the cases we quietly ended for our clients that you have never heard about.      

We have also successfully transferred our experience as trial lawyers to complex civil litigation.  Even if most cases settle before trial, we find that our ability and will to try cases works to our clients’ benefit. Today, few civil attorneys can offer comparable results in complex civil litigation.  We have achieved major victories for plaintiffs and defendants in high-stakes civil cases and trials, including a class action jury trial.

For more specific information as to our experience, please see the representative matters listed in the Practice Areas Section.


From experience comes insight.  We pride ourselves on seeing through complexity to what matters.  The best solution to a legal challenge is not always the most obvious solution.  We are known for our often innovative approaches to defending cases.  As one prosecutor once complained to the court: “who does this?” We did and by the end of the case the court understood why we were right.

Over the course of our careers, we have developed a deep understanding of trial practice and procedure.  Indeed, we teach at law schools, government programs, and at national bar conferences.  We have also through our work developed a thorough understanding of the substantive law in such areas as antitrust, public corruption, foreign and commercial bribery, RICO, securities fraud, healthcare fraud, money laundering, and asset forfeiture.

A substantial percentage of our representations involve concurrent criminal and civil proceedings.  To these matters, we bring not only a real understanding of how the criminal system and the civil litigation system each work, but how the two systems impact each other.   

commitment to our clients

It’s not hard to claim commitment to clients.  Many attorney websites do.  But we back up our claim with a track record of standing by clients under challenging circumstances and in difficult trials.  We strive to uphold the highest level of professionalism and loyalty to our clients, even when our clients are unpopular, the going gets tough, or something better comes in the door.  

We formed this boutique firm to dedicate our efforts to select a group of clients.  Through our low-overhead platform, we offer representation that is not only highly effective but cost-effective.  We appreciate that attorneys’ fees can themselves amount to an unfortunate penalty upon a client.   In addition, our experience and insight allows us to focus on what matters in a case and to avoid work that is unnecessary or wasteful. In criminal matters, we offer “flat” or “fixed” fee representations post-indictment. In civil matters, we also offer alternative fee and contingent fee arrangements.  In the appropriate matter, these arrangements can better serve the interests of the client than paying attorneys based on how many hours they bill.